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Welcome, December (?!) MIB 82 is here for you!

On episode #82 of MIB, the Mares talk Turkey, as in Thanksgiving, go Black Friday shopping, discuss video games way too much and cover all the model horse news for November. They also address a number of important personalities in the hobby who have recently passed away. As always, there is Instagram in Progress and lots of inane humor. Listen up here.


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Native American Heritage/Indigenous people month (ancestral lands) Heather: Cheyenne and Arapahoe, Jackie: Munsee Lanape


  1. MIB

    1. Patreon


    1. N/A

  3. Breyer

    1. 2022 Premiere club

      1. First release Zafirah Arabian by Brigette Eberl

      2. Other sculptors Sarah MB and Kitty Cantrell

    2. 2021 Premiere club Astrid

    3. Black Stallion Test Run

    4. Solar Flare

    5. Brunhilde

    6. Holiday Pony

    7. Christmas SM blind bags®-limited-edition-holiday-blind-bag

    8. Midas

    9. BF Celebration horse

    10. Prost inspiration Octoberfest

    11. BreyerWest returns to Denver

  4. Stone

  5. Ugly Sweater Painting contest

    1. Christmas Around the World

    2. New Stone Mold

  6. Copperfox

    1. NA

  7. Other

    1. Hussar Tack set

    2. HA Raffle

    3. HA Gallery (finally)

    4. Custom Bunny by Sue Kern

    5. Ukko II

    6. Finished Pierre

    7. Barnraising challenge 2021

    8. Art by Kira CM Taboo

    9. Micro and venti Otto

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