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Enjoy your week with MIB #36!

Good Morning and happy MONDAY. (don't kills us). New newscast for you shut-ins with news from Breyer and NAMHSA, more fun post-Easter COVID-bordom entertainment, your favorite YouTubers, new releases, IG in progress and a great cause to get behind! Stay safe and listen up here!

Show Resources



Renew your membership Covid Statement


Necrosis episode six!

Keep Calm and Show on Photo show

Rona Time Photo show

Stormy Strike Breyer new releases wrap up

New Releases

OF Plastic


Seattle Soiree Horses

SM Club release #2

Painted Sculptures

Alyssa Huling McDermott ardennes

Sorraia Art CM Leo

Desert Sun Studio Eberl foal

CS Richmond Kaladin

Morriah Voogd CM Scarlett

Button CM Pierre


Biohazard Breyer CM emerson

Hooray Studios micro

Lamati Repaints peter stone Shetland chips

Myrold CM duende

Custom Patchwork Shannondell

Mel Miller Tiny Tues TB SM foal


Countryside Collectables Chinas


Donna Allen western set

Sofi’s Drea, saddle seat

Maire Sadddle pad

Yulia Vasil’yeva fantasy bridle


Zeyphr by Steph Blaylock

Veks Studio Medallions

Georgia Wean Mawari Cube

IG in Progress

Gregs Parks head


KNC Bristol Custom

Anna Helt circus tack

DeeJayBee sculpt

CM Ravenhill

Christina Reilly Buffalo

Funny/Interesting photo posts

Social Distancing

Maple leaf studios photo

Barn dres up

Listener mail Dear Heather and Jackie ,

Teagan Russ. Franklin County 4H Therapeutic Riding Center.

This link is for the shows Facebook page:

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