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Happy F13! MIB #78 is stalking you!

Huzzah, finally a new episode! This is the BreyerFest: Horse of a Different Color 2021 wrap-up. We discuss all about out time in NJ at Breyer HQ, we also talk events, surprise and SR models, loot and the MIB Live streams. AND we cover all the normal features as well, like news, Instagram and the usual general nonsense. Listen here!

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  1. Eleanor Harvey service award

  2. Breyer

  3. Surprise models -

  4. Volunteer Model Destatado

  5. SR printable ceros to download

  6. Stone

  7. Equilocity Aug 26-28th, 2021 and Art of the Horse photo show

  8. Elaine’s Baskets are coming

  9. Sweet Garden Art of the Horse winner

  10. Copperfox

  11. Horses of a different color Insta Tease

  12. Other

  13. Mel Miller Samarupata medallion

  14. Ace of Spades Live in Cheyenne WY (masks Required)

  15. SouthCon Live

  16. The Resin Futurity Photoshow

  17. Anne Field Live Sale


  1. Etlite Verkstead

  2. Abellshorses and

  3. Nikki Button

  4. Amaretto Studio

  5. Painted View

  6. DeeJayBe

  7. Steph B

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