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Mares in Black #71 in the Haus!

On this edition of the MIB podcast the Mares discuss all the latest model horse hobby news, Instagram in Progress, the MIB MH March Madness tourney (and plushie winner) as well as the new "Artists Spotlight" video series that is ready to debut! Of course there is much off-topic nonsense as well! Listen up here!




  1. Patreon

  2. MIB March Madness, Surprise horse final, DUNDEE winner , Plushie winner Denise Nagel

  3. Breyerfest nightly wrap-up stream - Mares Nightly News (MNN)

  4. Candyland!


  1. True Blue Breyer Australian virtual event DRAWN. BONDI PANIC

  2. Freelance for Breyer

  3. Premiere club Astrid

  4. Weanling Test Run

  5. Mane Beauty: Sculpting a Unicorn with Rayvin

  6. #TBT April fools

  7. Breyerfest related events


  1. Art of the Horse Entry Metrics

  2. Stone Country Fair

  3. Equilocity


  1. Little Rider Doll making contest

  2. Heather & Pine Neapolitan Crois

  3. Micro Scarlet

  4. Bird and Bees Photo show

  5. Smell the Roses Photo show

  6. Arianan La Fjord

  7. Tomas Varela Felting machine

  8. . Redwolfstic fantasy tack


  1. Snowdrift Studio

  2. Rogue Horse Studio

  3. Jenn Danza

  4. Anna Helt

  5. Delir Studio

  6. Emilia Kurila and

  7. Maroon Bells Studio

  8. Blue Mtn Stable

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