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MIB #73, Come Through!

Happy Pride, everyone!! Sorry for the wait for a new podcast! To make up for it, here's a jumbo-double-size episode to enjoy. This episode features the latest model horse news, Instagram in Progress and an amazing and far ranging interview on model horse art and history in the California scene with the one and only Laurie Jo Jensen! Listen up HERE!




  1. Odd Regional rep noms

  2. Seeking President and VP &


  1. Notoriously Framed

  2. True Blue Breyer Australian virtual event horses

  3. Mule Test run

  4. Custom contest prizes models “Blanca” & Noir” and

  5. Diorama contest horse “Stubbs”

  6. Breyerfest Stablemate

Breyerfest related events

  1. Chelsea’s Model horses BF Extravaganza

  2. Brie Cundiff

  3. Khrysalis Studios’ BreyerFest Pony Part-EH starting Breyerfest Friday and running through the weekend. For more information, visit Khrysalis Studios - Art by Rayvin Maddock on Facebook


  1. Equilocity Aug 26-28th, 2021 Poll


  1. Chicken Crossed the Road Photo show and

  2. Sand Wash Basin post About Mel Miller

  3. Studio Thornrose “Poppy”

  4. Lesli Kathman Basic horse colors video

  5. Morgen Kilbourn “Wycked Wynd” coloring contest

  6. HA “Peppermint Patty” by Linda York

  7. New Chronos mold

  8. . Plaid Horse Feature

  9. Ariana

  1. Instagram

  2. Pettingill Studios

  3. Field of Dolls

  4. Wendy Ward

  5. Nashua Creations

  6. Rogue Horse Studio

  7. Khrysalis Studios

  8. Dreamflight Design

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