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MIB#85 on the loose!

Better late than never! Production got a bit bogged down on this episode so apologies to our fam! The Mares discuss the passing of beloved hobbyist Krista Wasco and the tricky task of distinguishing between OF and Artist Resin classifications. Tons of BreyerFest news, as well as other hobby updates, Instagram and general silliness are included as per usual. Listen up here... or subscribe:

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  1. Krista Wasco

    1. Kirsten Wellman Blog

  2. News

    1. Breyer

      1. Breyerfest

    2. Copperfox

      1. Grantham, a painted artist resin Coppercub Shire (small run)

    3. Other

      1. BreyerHorseRef site (Barb Bacon)

      2. Kylee Parks update and Nova

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