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The Mares are hosting a show at BreyerFest!

HUZZAH! You resin fans have a brand-new opportunity to show their collections onsite at BreyerFest: Prost! The Resin Renaissance model horse show is dedicated to Artist Resin/Edition model horse and medallions. Double Judged! NAN qualification pending! More info here:

Thursday, July 14th at the Paddock Meeting Room in the CHIN!

There is a performance division, three extensive halter divisions (Large, Mini and Micro) plus a Medallion division. Amateur Artists have their very own division!

Best of all are prizes! Satin flats and rosettes, PLUS medallion for SECTIONAL champions as well as overalls by Kylee Parks of Studio Thornrose!!

Entrants will receive gift bags, be eleible for tons of fun door prizes and giveaways. If you are interested in attending the Resin Renaissance Model Horse Show or have already registered, please join our Facebook group to keep up with all the information and goings on! See you there!

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