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The Wait is OVER, Mares in Black Episode 4 is HERE!

The Mares apologize for the radio silence and the delay in the post-Breyerfest wrap-up. Between the con crud, tech-issues, work and general exhaustion, it took longer to record and edit than we anticipated. The wait is over, however and episode 4 is ready to go and is the part one of two in the BreyerFest wrap-up. On part one, we cover North American Nationals, Breakables, and the opening of Artisans Gallery.

2018 CM/AR Over Fences National Champion owned by Kelly Konecki


Sanibel by Breyer

Evelyn by Thomas Bainbridge Studio

Luna by Яна Данилова (Yana Danilova)

Tadpole in China by Aspen Leaf Studio (Jennifer Scott)

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