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What a WEEK! MIB #112 is streaming

On this episode of Mares in Black, we welcome Model Horse University Founder Kerri Gehrmann-Johnson and we discuss the launch of this central station for hobby resources and its mission as well as her vision for the future. We also discuss the retirement of Peter and Elaine Stone and the acquisition of Stone Horses by Erin Corbett and a group of investors. Additionally we bring the rest of the hobby news and Instagram in Progress. Happy New Year!

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Show Resources:

  1. Press release

  2. Breyer

  3. BreyerWest 2024

  4. Christmas Model Wassail

  5. Spokes and Spurs  Event horse

  6. Dressage Today Breyer Article

  7. 2024 New Releases 

  8. 2nd Premiere club horse revealed

  9. 2024 SM club Lineup

  10. BreyerFest 2024

  11. Ticket Structure

  12. Breakable is LIVE this year

  13. Event SMs

  14. BR SR Can’t Hold Us Down

  15. BF LE Chip

  16. SR Miss Independent

  17. LE Alan a days work

  18. HRTN

  19. Showing division cheat sheet

  20. HA

  21. HA Holiday Auction

  22. Other

  23. Amanda Brock CM Altynai

  24. NaMoPaiMo is coming

  25. Jenn Scott News 

  26. Dare Xmas Weirdlings

  27. Interview: Kerri Gehrmann, Model Horse University

  28. Instagram in Progress

  29. Sculpture made from Breyer Sculpting kit

  30. Break the Mold Studios

  31. Makespaintshorses 

  32. TravelArtDogPony

  33. Bexbee_studios

  34. CS Richmond Studios

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